Managing Children Away from the Club Policy

This policy also applies to open age group teams where one or more players are under the age of 18.

Moseley Ashfield Cricket Club will:

  • Communicate the following information to parents:

–          Why the trip is planned and what is its reason/purpose

–          When the trip will take place – date and time of departure and estimated time of return

–          Where the trip is to, including destination and venue

–          Where the meeting points will be at home and away venue

–          Staffing arrangements, including the name and contact details of the team manager responsible for the trip  

–          Kit and equipment requirements

–          Details of cost implications

–          Name and contact number of the person acting as the ‘club home contact’

–          Arrangements for food and drink

  • Be in possession of a written copy of relevant emergency contact details and and medical  information for all children taking part.
  • Determine appropriate staffing, all of whom need to have a clear knowledge of their role and responsibility for the team.